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HR Consulting

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Executive Coaching

Key reasons for Executive Coaching include:

  • Evaluating strengths and areas for development more accurately

  • Cultivating self awareness, self control and social influence

  • Sharing credit and accepting more accountability

  • Improving leadership and management style

  • Enhancing communication, collaboration and diplomacy

  • Reducing conflict and creating a more positive organizational culture

  • Navigating organizational politics and priorities more effectively

  • Advocating with greater impact for resources, information and support

  • Managing workload, pressure and priorities more effectively

  • Preparing for a promotion to a higher level of responsibility

  • Building confidence, executive presence and presentation skills

  • Increasing team alignment, commitment and cohesion

  • Boosting employee motivation, engagement and retention

  • Holding staff more accountable and driving better bottom line results

  • Developing ability to assess, manage, empower and mentor others

Human Capital Advisors’ one-on-one executive coaching services feature customized programs ensuring your employees gain the skills required to successfully implement and execute your organization’s corporate initiatives. Human Capital Advisors’ coaching program is designed to develop the specific skills and behaviors necessary for high performance. Our process includes:

  • Assessments

  • Interviews

  • Exploration of career history, work preferences, sources of conflict or stress, and professional goals

  • Development planning

  • Implementation of strategies 

  • Ongoing support

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