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HR Consulting

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Metrics & Analytics

Human capital metrics and analytics are critical to your organization because it represents the people who are actually working for the organization. They build the company's core competencies, initiatives and competitive advantages to the organization. With effective management of the human capital, a company can achieve maximum outputs from its own human capital and be superior to other competitors. Key metrics include:

  • Absenteeism Rate

  • Compensation Analytics

  • Cost of Employees by Department

  • Cost per Hire

  • Diversity Ratios

  • Headcount Analytics

  • Health Care Costs per Employee

  • HR Administrative Costs

  • HR Expense Factor

  • Human Capital ROI

  • Human Capital Value Added

  • Performance

  • Management Analytics

  • Revenue Factor

  • Tenure Analytics

  • Time to Fill

  • Training Investment Factor

  • Turnover Analytics

  • Turnover Costs

  • Turnover Rate

  • Workers' Compensation Cost per Employee

  • Workforce Analytics

  • Workforce Demographic Analytics

  • Workforce Structure Analytics

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