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HR Consulting

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Audit & Assessment

In most organizations, HR is responsible for assessing performances. Who is assessing HR? At HCA, we employ a comprehensive and objective approach to assessing your existing in-house system.  Our thorough, structured evaluation includes issue identification, planning and prioritizing corrective measures and benchmarking best practices. Assessment and development can entail:

Anti-Discrimination/Workplace Anti-Harassment

Employment Applications

Employment Best Practices

Benefits and Administration


Conflict Resolution

Disciplinary Matters


Employee Development

Employee Handbooks/Policies

Employee Retention

Employee’s eligibility to work


Interim/Contingent Staffing

Leaves of Absence (including FMLA)

Performance Management

Records, Notices and Information Management 

Recruitment, Selection & Hiring

Reference Checks

Retention Issues

Termination Process

Unemployment Insurance Management

Wage and Hour 

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