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Transformative Learning, Diverse Insights, and Behavioral Excellence

Boost your team's capabilities and nurture their development with our diverse range of assessments, designed to ensure outstanding employee management and foster a thriving workplace environment.

Our Assessments


Everything DiSC®

Helping to enhance workplace communication, teamwork, and productivity.

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PXT Select™

Tools designed to enhance various aspects of the hiring and selection process.

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Checkpoint 360°™

A comprehensive 360-degree feedback system designed to evaluate the effectiveness of managers and leaders.

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Our assessments are designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration within your team.

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What is Everything DiSC®?

Everything DiSC® is a transformational tool based off of the DiSC model designed to improve communication, teamwork, and productivity in the workplace by helping individuals understand their own behavioral styles and those of their colleagues. It stands for Dominance (D), Influence (i), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C) - the four primary personality profiles that the tool identifies.

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What is PXT Select™?

PXT Select™ offers a comprehensive overview of tools designed to enhance various aspects of the hiring and selection process. These tools aim to help organizations avoid costly hiring mistakes and reduce turnover by providing an efficient and systematic approach to candidate assessment. By ensuring a consistent evaluation for all jobs, they work to minimize the impact of biases, contributing to a fair and objective hiring process.


Additionally, these tools play a crucial role in improving overall employee satisfaction, performance, and retention. We can leverage PXT Select™ to identify talent gaps and strategically focus on maximizing employee strengths, fostering a more effective and well-aligned workforce.

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What is Checkpoint 360°™?

Checkpoint 360°™ is a comprehensive 360-degree feedback system designed to evaluate the effectiveness of managers and leaders within an organization. This system collects and analyzes feedback from a wide range of sources, including direct reports, peers, supervisors, and in some cases, customers. The primary aim of Checkpoint 360°™ is to provide a holistic view of a manager's job performance across eight Universal Management Competencies: Communication, Leadership, Adaptability, Relationships, Task Management, Production, Development of Others, and Personal Development.

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