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PXT Select™

Elevate your talent strategy with PXT Select™. Hire smarter, manage better, and retain the right employees the first time with precision and confidence.

What is PXT Select™?

PXT Select™ is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to aid organizations in making informed talent decisions with confidence. It plays a critical role in hiring, managing, and retaining employees by providing objective, reliable, and accurate data. The essence of PXT Select™ lies in its ability to evaluate how well an individual fits specific job roles within an organization, making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

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Key Features of PXT Select™

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  • Comprehensive “Full Person” Assessment: It measures three core aspects of an individual - Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and Interests, providing a holistic view of a candidate's capabilities and potential fit for a job.

  • Job Matching Feature: This unique aspect enables organizations to evaluate an individual's suitability for a job by comparing their assessment results against the qualities required to perform the job successfully.

  • Efficient Hiring and Selection Process: By establishing clear performance models for job roles, PXT Select™ helps avoid costly hiring mistakes and improves the overall quality of the hiring process.

  • Employee Development: Beyond hiring, it offers insights for employee coaching, onboarding, leadership development, and succession planning, enhancing employee satisfaction, performance, and retention.

  • Suite of Reports: PXT Select™ provides a comprehensive suite of 13 reports for various purposes, including selection, leadership development, coaching, and team dynamics, making it a versatile tool for organizational development.

How PXT Select™ Works

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Performance Models Creation

   Initially, performance models for specific           jobs are developed with the help of             PXT Select experts. These models serve      as benchmarks for evaluating candidates.

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Online Assessment

Candidates are invited to take the assessment online, which can be completed on any device with internet access, without the need for monitoring.

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Instant Scoring and Reporting

The system instantly scores assessments and provides a suite of reports to the hiring manager or HR administrator, offering detailed insights for informed decision-making.

PXT Select™ is not just about hiring; it's a comprehensive tool for understanding the workforce, enhancing team dynamics, and fostering a high-performing work environment. It's designed for organizations that are keen on leveraging data-driven insights to build and engage a productive workforce that drives results.

How It Works
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PXT Select™ makes
every talent decision

PXT Select™ stands out as a transformative tool in the realm of talent management due to its comprehensive approach to assessing candidates. It  enables organizations to match candidates with roles where they are most likely to excel, thereby making every talent decision count. This thorough understanding of a candidate's capabilities ensures that organizations can confidently hire, manage, and develop employees in alignment with their strategic objectives, reducing turnover and enhancing job satisfaction.

PXT Select's effectiveness is amplified through its job matching feature and the creation of performance models. These models serve as benchmarks that are crucial for evaluating the degree of Job-Person Fit, ensuring that the individuals selected are the best fit for their roles, not just in terms of skills but also in alignment with the company's culture and values. The process is streamlined and efficient, with candidates completing the assessment online, and managers receiving instant, actionable reports. The robust framework and detailed analytics of PXT Select™ ensure that every talent decision taken contributes positively towards building a high-performing, cohesive, and motivated workforce, ultimately driving organizational success.

PXT Select Helps Your Company:

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Establish an Efficient Hiring and Selection Process
PXT Select Designs-04.png
Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes
PXT Select Designs-03.png
Improve Employee Satisfaction, Performance, and Retention
PXT Select Designs-04.png
Assist Managers with Employee Coaching and Onboarding
PXT Select Designs-03.png
Identify Talent Gaps and Focus on Leveraging Employee Strengths
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Facilitate Leadership Development and Succession Planning
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Ready to get started?

To explore how PXT Select ™ can transform your hiring process and foster a culture of effectiveness, reach out to us for a deeper dive into our suite of solutions and personalized insights.

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