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Executive Search


Attract, Retain, and Motivate

Executive Search & Recruitment

Executive search is a service used by professional companies to find the most suitable and relevant candidate for an open position. The candidate may or may not be someone who is looking for a new challenge or not. The ‘looking for a new challenge or not’ is the difference between executive search and recruitment. The reason that executive search exists is that the best people or employees are always hired and very rarely ‘looking for a job’ and as a competitive company you need the best people. The right people are the key to the success of a business.

Clapping Audience
  • Best in Class Recruitment methodology — Sourcing, screening and delivering exceptionally matched candidates

  • Proprietary search algorithm increases candidate match accuracy by 97%

  • Scientific screening methodologies that improve hiring accuracy by 93%

  • Use of proprietary ‘empirical evidence of success’ protocols

  • Valid/reliable assessments for understanding the real candidate

  • Candidate Databases with more than 200 million resumes and profiles

  • Position compensaton analysis using seven national suveys with local data focus capability

  • Onboarding with Retention focus

  • Recruitment Outsourcing for staffing projects, teams or departments

  • Succession Planning and Career Path Development for High Potential employees

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