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We spend so much time, energy and resources on recruiting talent that we don't always put a high priority on onboarding. Creating successful onboarding programs can encourage employee retention and engagement and we are breaking it all down for you here.


"In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent remains a challenge in many industries. While companies often invest significant resources into the recruitment process, the importance of a well-executed onboarding program is frequently overlooked.

When new hires join an organization, they enter an entirely new ecosystem. Beyond simply learning their job-specific skills and responsibilities, they also must understand the company’s culture, values and operational dynamics. Helping newbies navigate the cultural aspects of an organization is just as—if not more—instructive than teaching them how to get the job done. My company recently conducted an employee experience survey and found that 1 in 4 recently hired employees expressed an eagerness to learn about their new company’s culture, benefits and overall operations from their very first day." Learn more


"Employee engagement is foundational to workplace outcomes from the moment an employee accepts a job offer. I work for a global leader in technology solutions that is reimagining the entire customer journey process, beginning with evaluating and redesigning our strategic approach for onboarding. We have set our sights on enhancing the customer experience, increasing engagement, retaining talent, and accelerating the time to proficiency rate in efforts to better serve our employees, our most valuable asset.

Upon much analysis and surveying on the onboarding process, we found that the highest percentage of new hires leave the organization within the first three to six months of employment, indicating that successful onboarding is more than providing new hires with the tools needed to do their job. It is also about establishing trust, ensuring that we can create an emotional connection with employees, allowing them to feel safe and develop lasting relationships within the organization.

To create a successful onboarding program, psychological safety and a sense of belonging must be at its foundation. With this understanding, we instilled these five vital elements in our onboarding program." Learn more


"The onboarding process can be as stale and tiresome for people leaders as it is for new hires. That’s why Princess Newborn, director of HR at UPS company Ware2Go, decided to flip it on its head and create an engaging onboarding experience that would excite and educate employees about their new role and organization.

“[Onboarding] is pretty similar across multiple companies,” Newborn told HR Brew. “You go into the system, you add your I-9, you fill out the information, add the emergency contacts, meet with your team. It’s not a very engaging activity.” And it’s not very comprehensive, either. The typical one- or two-day onboarding process doesn’t introduce new hires to areas of the business outside where their role resides. To combat this, Newborn turned Ware2Go’s onboarding process into a 30-day long, 10-level video game." Learn more

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