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We've all heard of the new terms that have become commonplace in the past few years; quiet quitting, career cushioning, upskilling, the Great She-cession. But have you heard of the latest trend going viral on TikTok? "Rage Applying" is taking Gen Z by storm. We've broken it all down for you here.


“According to a report in Fortune, Redweez, a TikTok user, said in a video in early December that she had managed to get a $25,000 raise through 'rage-applying.' The buzzword caught on Redweez, who describes herself as a “Canadian millennial” working in social media marketing, told her followers: “I got mad at work, and I rage-applied to, like, 15 jobs. And then I got a job that gave me a $25,000 raise, and it’s a great place to work. So keep rage-applying. It’ll happen."

Redweez is not the only one! Citing the example of another TikTok user Christen, the Fortune report highlighted how she went viral after revealing that she got a 20 percent raise by changing her job." Learn more


"Feeling overlooked, unappreciated, passed over for a promotion and unfairly compensated has inspired a new career trend on TikTok. “Rage applying” to jobs is being touted on the social media platform as a great way to get even with your mean boss by aggressively shotgunning your rèsumè to several companies to find a new job and hefty pay increase quickly.

Gen-Zers and younger Millennials share their stories on TikTok about how they are mistreated, taken advantage of and unjustly denied promotions and raises. After reaching their breaking point, they apply to dozens or hundreds of jobs to extricate themselves from their companies. The TikTokers claim that within days or a few weeks of submitting rèsumès, they’ve received multiple job offers with substantial increases in compensation. They also share that their new jobs are terrific and the managers are great. With inflation rates hovering around nearly 8%, they need to hunt for new opportunities to generate higher compensation to help deal with rapidly increasing costs. The raging job hunters are not deterred by the prospects of a recession—finding a new job only to become the last one hired and the first one fired." Learn more


"The music industry can be hard to navigate, but I think my rage-applying helped me land new opportunities quickly. It made my thoughts clearer, and I wasn't nervous at all. I knew I couldn't stay at my old company, and I knew that I couldn't settle for less than what I'm worth.

Rage doesn't have to mean something negative — it helped me realize exactly what I deserve from an employer, and helped me be unafraid to ask for it." Learn More

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