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The Principal Exodus

Let's face it, our education system is struggling. The past few years has brought a massive exodus of teachers. This, compounding with potential learning loss from pandemic restraints, loss of socialization and increased child behavioral issues has most parents worried for the sake of their children. While the teacher exodus has hit it's highest levels, we are now beginning to see this trend with principals. In this newsletter we are breaking down the data for you.


“While the teacher shortage has received plenty of policy attention, the RAND report recommends principals get equal focus. In particular, it calls for more attention to finding and retaining high-quality principals.

RAND’s conclusions are based on a survey of 300 school district and charter school network leaders from October to December 2022. The principal turnover findings are in line with other surveys, including one from the National Association of Secondary School Principals that showed over half of 1,000 school leaders were considering a career change or early retirement in 2022. Those principals cited staffing shortages and their own mental health as reasons they were looking to leave the profession.

To stay on the job, 28% said they need a better work-life balance, 21% reported wanting a higher salary, 15% said they need more societal respect for the profession and 12% said they need more teachers and staff, the NASSP survey found." Learn more


"There are high levels of anxiety that the K-12 workforce at all levels is losing too much talent, but data to prove it have been sparse.

But now, a new brief looking at principal turnover may give the field some evidence to be concerned and to start acting. About 16 percent of principals left their schools last academic year—the second full school year of the pandemic—according to a survey of school district leaders released Thursday." Learn more


"The annual SXSW EDU conference centers on “innovation” in education—discussions about emerging technology, new ways of approaching equity and inclusion, and efforts to advance instructional practice in schools are all on the agenda for the Austin, Texas-based education event, starting March 6.

But all this innovation requires one key component to bring it to life—educators. Recruiting and retaining K-12 educators, and making sure they’re happy in their jobs, is the theme of many panels and presentations at this year’s conference. This focus comes after a few of the most disruptive years in education in recent history." Learn more

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