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Meeting Overload

We've all been there. "A meeting that could have been an email." A new report shows that the number one barrier to productivity is, you guessed it, meetings. In this newsletter we are breaking down why we are still struggling with meetings and what we can do to fix it.


"Excessive meetings are more than an annoyance, an Atlassian study of 5,000 workers across four continents found: They’re a bigger drain on productivity than lack of motivation, unclear goals or responsibilities, unclear collaboration expectations and other roadblocks. 

Nearly 4 in 5 workers said they’re expected to attend so many meetings, it’s hard to get work done. Adding to the frustration, a little over half of workers said they leave meetings without a clear idea of what to do next, and 77% said meetings just result in follow-up meetings. Half said they regularly needed to work overtime to make up for time spent in meetings." Learn more


"What’s stopping you from getting work done? If you said, “too many meetings,” you’re not alone. We surveyed 5,000 knowledge workers across four continents, and they identified meetings as the number-one barrier to productivity, outranking lack of motivation, unclear goals, and uncertainty around whom to collaborate with. In other words, we now have data to back up what we already knew in our gut to be true: Meetings are grossly overused. They clutter our calendars, leaving only fragments of time here and there for deep, focused work. This is exacerbated when teams are spread across different time zones yet continue to default to meetings.

And those marathon back-to-back days are taking a toll. Seventy-six percent of respondents say they feel drained on days with lots of meetings, and more than half work overtime a few days a week because meetings prevent them from completing their work during the day. Not only that, but meetings rarely accomplish their intended goal, according to respondents.

It doesn’t have to be like this." Learn more

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