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In The Red (Tiger Woods Masters Victory)

Have you ever been so tired of that personal discipline that you just said I’m going to delay my work for another hour, wait until tomorrow to make that call or just said – I’m done! Ever been pulled in so many directions that you stopped and said what about me? There’s nothing like the sweet nectar of success nor is there ever such a perilous position to be in once you get there. To some extent there’s value to some healthy level of paranoia, it keeps you in drive and rarely in neutral.

Last weekend was the greatest weekend in one sport there is. It’s the Masters in Augusta. And there, Tiger Woods may have just accomplished one of the greatest performances in sports history. For several years he was not only the most feared competitor, he was without a doubt the best. He was the most sought after celebrity and it brought him fame and fortune only the likes of some Jordan guy from Chicago could imagine. And, in what seemed like a moment, it disappeared. Now, after an 11 year absence and multiple physical, emotional, troubles, personal scandals and public humiliation Tiger seems to have reclaimed himself. His world ranking has skyrocketed from below 650 to now almost top ten. It’s an amazing story, and for those of us who have been through our own challenges a lesson in perseverance. Ben Hogan, another American golfer in the 40’s and 50’s had a similar comeback, rehabbing his wrecked body after getting hit by a bus – only to win six more majors in the 1950’s.

How did Tiger do it?

Discipline, commitment, and continuous learning. He never quit, even when everyone else, especially his critics, said he should. He remained committed to his profession. Even after several years, including a few where he could not compete at all due to health concerns, he continued to find ways to work on his skill, knowledge, fine tuning everything until he could get back to that elite level of play. Has it paid off? Without a doubt. I was a fan before, although critical of the reasons for his fall from grace. Easy to want to see the top dog get his day – some say he was just lucky. Why am I so impressed now? Because somewhere in the midst of complete despair, which I’m sure there was, he didn’t quit. He’s changed, at least he appears to be. Who among us hasn’t made mistakes, some bigger than others. But that’s what’s great about the human condition. With belief, hard work, discipline, and a vision you can change almost anything. So the next time you see someone who needs a little encouragement stop and think – maybe this moment of care will change just this one person’s life, and it might be just the right momentum to change everything!

On a much, much larger scale, perhaps it’s appropriate that this is Easter weekend. And, whether you are a person of faith or not, there’s a lot to be learned from that most powerful life, the one that changed the world. The ultimate entrepreneur. I’m going to take a group of fishermen, teach them a new set of skills, get them to believe in me and my mission, and we’re going to change the world – LITERALLY! How? Care, discipline, commitment, courage in the face of untold critics and consequences, and a humility that started a Passion that had never been seen before. For the first time someone had the courage to say, it’s not what can you do for me, what can I do for you? Sacrifice? Like none-other. At the end of the day, more than a few would say what happened was wrong, and His legacy was about to change everything!

Blessings to you and your families and friends during this weekend of history.

If you can, think of a friend or say a prayer for a child, it’s certain to make a difference. Who knows, it might just start the right momentum!

I wish you well,


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