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Hiring Managers Avoiding Gen Z

In this newsletter we are looking into why 30% of managers would rather not hire this generation.


", a resource for professional resume templates and career advice, has published a recent survey report that examines how hiring managers perceive Generation Z workers. The report also shares insight into hiring managers’ beliefs regarding the weaknesses of Gen Z employees. Overall, experts surveyed 782 workers involved in hiring – hiring managers – for entry-level positions in the United States. 


According to the survey, 31 percent of hiring managers say they avoid hiring Gen Zers in favor of older workers. Hiring managers claim that Gen Zers ask for too much money, act entitled, and lack communication skills during the hiring process. Likewise, among the 94 percent of hiring managers who say they have interviewed Gen Zers, 58 percent say the Gen Z candidate wasn’t dressed appropriately, 57 percent say they struggled with eye contact, and 47 percent say they asked for unreasonable compensation." Learn more


"Almost four in 10 managers avoid hiring recent college graduates because they judge them to be unprepared for professional life, according to a December 2023 survey of 800 U.S. directors and executives involved in filling open jobs. One in five employers say a recent college graduate brought a parent to the job interview. Twenty-one percent of employers surveyed said they had a candidate refuse to turn their camera on for a virtual interview. Employers also complained that the interviewees struggled to make eye contact, dressed inappropriately and used inappropriate language.

The results of the survey don’t come as a complete surprise to Michael Connors, an accounting and technology recruiter in the Washington area who prepares recent college graduates for job interviews. “At the end of the day, there seems like a lack of seriousness,” he says. “Do they even want this job, or do they just go through the motions?” Learn more

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