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Gen Z Outnumbering Boomers This Year

A Shift Is Coming...

2024 is the year. The time has come, this year will see Gen Z workers outnumber Boomer workers. This will have sweeping implications and will drastically change the workplace landscape. We've broken it down for you here!


Gen Z will make up a larger portion of the U.S. workforce than Baby Boomers for the first time next year, according to a recent Glassdoor trend forecast report — and it’s a big deal, says an economist. The looming change in demographics will have “pretty sweeping implications for what employers prioritize,” Glassdoor chief economist Aaron Terrazas tells CNBC Make It. “This is the tail end of the Boomers, this transformative generation for work in the workplace. They are being replaced by very different people who prioritize different expectations around work.”

The trend is driven by aging: By most definitions, Boomers will range in age from 60 to 78 next year, and are reaching retirement. Gen Zers, aged 12 to 27 next year, are increasingly graduating school and joining the workforce. Eventually, Gen Z will overtake Gen X too — but it’ll be “a long time before they overtake millennials,” says Terrazas, because millennials outnumber all other generations in the United States so far. “It probably won’t be until the early 2040s.” Learn more


"The coming year represents a pivotal moment of cultural change that U.S. companies can’t ignore, as Generation Z workers, or “Zoomers,” are poised to overtake Baby Boomers in the full-time workforce, Glassdoor’s 2024 Workplace Trends report predicted.

Gen Z workers care deeply about community connections, having their voices heard in the workplace, transparent and responsive leadership and diversity and inclusion — priorities that employers, HR professionals and talent acquisition teams will have to address to attract and retain this increasingly important share of the American workforce, according to the Nov. 15 report." Learn more

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