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With the new year almost approaching, we've turned our sights to trends and predictions of 2024. One prediction is the end to the employee experience. Most companies are deciding to cut their experience programs and adopt a less employee-centric viewpoint. What does this mean?


"A number of factors have been implicated in the decline of employee engagement this year, with mismatched work expectations and flexibility debates among the most frequently cited examples, sources previously told HR Dive. Employee experience is also affected by issues such as pay, time off and understaffing, all of which were cited in recent labor strikes.

Employee happiness has, perhaps not coincidentally, declined steadily over the past three years, according to software vendor BambooHR. The company joined other observers in naming the current workplace moment the “Great Gloom,” in which many workers are struggling.

Forrester’s findings are noteworthy given the reported connection between employee experience and customer experience. Gownder said the firm specifically anticipates that organizational leaders will seek strategies that do not address employee experience." Learn more


"After investing in improving employee experience during pandemic-driven talent shortages, employers in general are pulling back, which could affect how their employees feel about work — and employers’ bottom lines. In its “Predictions 2024: The Future of Work” report, Forrester found that employee experience will be taking a back seat in 2024, leading to what they call an “EX winter.”

Companies are “less interested in employee experience in general,” thus making it an easy target for cutting costs or cutting corners, said J.P. Gownder, vice president and principal analyst on Forrester’s Future of Work team. Strategies that improve engagement, productivity and ultimately growth, are being stepped back." Learn more

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