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Chief AI Officer

It might be time for a new position in your office. Check out how instituting a Chief AI Officer(CAIO) can help you navigate this changing world.


"As enterprises grapple with the aftermath of AI’s dramatic entrance onto the tech stage, it’s clear that integrating AI into their core strategies is now a competitive imperative. However, renowned expert and Forbes Contributor Bernard Marr suggests that a visionary approach blending technical expertise with strategic foresight is necessary. This is a tall order in the rapid-fire digital economy. Who can provide this blend of skills at the highest level? The C-suite is now welcoming the newest C-suite member - the Chief AI Officer (CAIO). As reported by CIO Magazine, this role is gaining attention for its potential to drive innovation and growth in businesses of all sizes." Learn more


"For all of the talk about the jobs AI is expected to replace (that’s 85 million, according to the World Economic Forum), it’s also expected to create some 97 million new roles by 2025.

And the buzziest of these new roles is the position overseeing it all: the Chief AI Officer (CAIO). Major brands like UnitedHealth, Deloitte and Intel have already tapped big names. Even the U.S. government is on board, announcing computer scientist and attorney Jonathan Mayer will serve as the Department of Justice’s first CAIO.

Marketing agencies need to get on the bandwagon too. Given the recent Under Armour controversy over allegedly reusing the work of others without proper credit in its new AI-powered commercial featuring boxer Anthony Joshua, brands must decide how they want to incorporate AI into the organization, especially marketing and creative services. The music industry has demonstrated the power of a great mashup; AI-generated art has the potential to be the marketing version of this success, as long as the CAIO helps the organization establish rules of conduct and disclosure principles.

But what should the role look like? What does a CAIO do? Here are some of the key elements and responsibilities brands must consider in candidates for this role." Learn more

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