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It's Monday...Again...

Alas, another Monday is here. Most people see Monday as the start to another workweek, the time to do everything you put off on Friday afternoon, and the setting in of the post weekend blues. What if we

were to tell you that a new workplace trend has taken over TikTok and younger populated workplaces? That trend is "Bare Minimum Monday." In this newsletter we are breaking it down, both the good and the bad.


"By now, you’ve probably heard the term “bare minimum Mondays.” Similar to “quiet quitting,” the trend, coined by TikToker Marisa Jo Mayes, encourages workers to pull back from their heavy workloads to avoid burnout — however that looks for them. Understandably, conversations about not doing work on the clock can make human resources pros bristle. But are “bare minimum Mondays” at odds with good workplace culture?

In my attempts at stunt journalism, I wanted to have a bare minimum Monday to write from. But I kept running into a conundrum: as a full-time journalist, you don’t get bare minimum Mondays."


"You found our ultimate guide on bare minimum Mondays. Bare minimum Mondays are workplace trends where employees do the least possible work on Mondays to avoid burnout during the remaining workdays. Examples of these practices include attending only important meetings, starting Monday with a self-care routine, and taking a break from checking emails. Bare minimum Mondays are similar to “quiet quitting,” where employees do the least work required to stay employed. Also, the practice is often a response to underlying issues like anxiety, depression, or work monotony. This phenomenon is also sometimes called minimum effort Monday. This idea is similar to quiet quitting. Also, the ideas highlight employee retention strategies and causes of employee turnover." Learn more


"So can this practice really make an impact? "Anything that brings awareness to prioritizing mental health over burnout is going to have great benefits on our mental health," says David Yadush, licensed professional clinical counselor and clinical operations manager at BetterHelp. "No one is immune to stress. No one's immune to anxiety, especially at the beginning of the workweek. Giving ourselves that opportunity on a Monday to just focus on ourselves and our mental health can really reduce that stress." After sharing the idea on TikTok, Mayes' videos went viral — and for good reason. Workers continue to combat ever-increasing work burnout." Learn more

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