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How can we better serve our employees and show them the appreciation that they need and deserve?


"We’ve likely all heard the sentiment that Employee Appreciation Day should be every day, not just once a year. Clichéd as this saying might be, it does hold an element of truth. This year, Employee Appreciation Day lands on March 3, and every year it feels more important than the year before. The lack of human connection in the current workplace is cause for alarm, especially in our historically tight labor market. On a relational level, people aren’t feeling valued, appreciated or connected to their coworkers. And they’re increasingly willing to look elsewhere to find that elusive sense of being seen, heard and valued.

Appreciation can no longer be treated as a one-and-done event that comes around once a year, that we can then check off for the next 364 days. Nor is it best expressed in kitschy, company-branded gifts that will most likely end in a landfill. People are looking for more from their employers; they want a culture of appreciation where they feel safe to be themselves and bring their best effort every day. As a leader, I have been asking myself several questions about how I show my team that I honor and appreciate their contribution to our shared journey. Here they are." Learn more


"Every employee creates value in some form or another and by recognizing and appreciating this, organizations can not only motivate them but also encourage them to contribute towards their larger mission.

Recognition and appreciation plays an important role in maintaining a positive work environment, engaging employees, keeping them motivated, and boosting their morale, leading to improved retention and enhanced productivity. Usually, companies organize recognition events annually when it should be an everyday experience and a continuous effort throughout the year, say industry experts. On this Employee Appreciation Day, industry experts tell People Matters how organizations can move beyond traditional methods to make employees feel valued, sharing some of their creative and effective ways to make employees feel appreciated all through the year." Learn more


"Leading up to Employee Appreciation Day on March 3, Blueboard, an innovator in the employee recognition and rewards space, is announcing a new U.S. study conducted online by Wakefield Research on the state of employee appreciation. The study reveals that despite the proven positive impact of appreciation at work, the clear majority see themselves as undervalued, especially those with historically marginalized identities. In fact, two in three (67%) employed Americans say they don't always feel appreciated for their contributions at work.

"There's a clear opportunity for organizations to engage employees and make them feel secure in their roles by showing that their work is valued," said Kevin Yip, president and co-founder of Blueboard. "Prioritizing a culture of appreciation will not only make employees happier, but also translates to a more productive workforce, benefiting a company's bottom line. And with Employee Appreciation Day right around the corner, now is the time for organizations to double down on appreciation and recognition and get serious about baking it into company culture." Learn more

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