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Childcare Benefits Pay For Themselves

Updated: Apr 18

Childcare benefits are a very smart thing to add to your employment packages with ROI leading up to 425%. In this newsletter we are breaking down the stats and how to implement these programs.


"Our study examined the value and consequences of providing help with childcare to working parents at five companies—Etsy, Fast Retailing, Steamboat Ski Resort, Synchrony, and UPS. These companies vary in size and employee mix, and represent five different industries—e-commerce, retail, hospitality, financial services, and supply chain management. The research, which we carried out in collaboration with Moms First, a nonprofit organization that focuses on advancing equality for women in the workplace, encompassed financial analysis, survey responses from approximately 1,000 employees, and personal interviews.

The results debunk a widespread perception that employer-sponsored childcare benefits are strictly a cost center. Instead, we found that all five companies obtained a positive return on investment (ROI)—from 90% to as high as 425%. (See Exhibit 1.) They reported ROI gains whether the childcare benefits went to salaried or hourly workers." Learn more


"According to a new study from Mom's First — titled The Employee Benefit that Pays for Itself — childcare benefits can see as much as 425% return-on-investment, contributing to everything from retention and morale to productivity and progression.

On a basic level, though, childcare benefits really do pay for themselves almost immediately. In fact, the study found that if your business improves employee retention by just 1%, you will have covered the cost of childcare benefits.

The data showed a number of other undeniable trends that show the benefits of providing childcare benefits for employees. 88% of employers agree that childcare benefits boost productivity, and 90% of employers say that it improves talent recruitment and retention. Suffice to say, it's a no-brainer." Learn more

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