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We are highlighting the rise in artificial intelligence programs during the recruitment and hiring processes and what you should know about this new tool.


"A recent survey has found that about 99 per cent of all Fortune 500 companies are now using AI in some way or the other to screen candidates in the first, second, or even third round in the hiring process. However, most of the AI tools that recruiters are using to sift through applicants work nothing like your typical human recruiter, there’s so much value generated that we could participate in.” Where a human recruiter would take about 4-5 seconds to take a glance at a resume and see if anything stands out that would make them believe that an applicant fits a particular profile, AI recruitment

tools, do this in mere seconds.

The speed though comes at a cost. When dealing with a regular human recruiter, applicants have the option to choose from a variety of formats and styles, and even fonts. With AI-based recruitment tools, all of it goes out of the window." Learn more


"2023 may well be the year of generative AI for HR professionals as the technology becomes more accessible and integrated. Microsoft, IBM and Google Cloud announced their own automated tools using generative AI on the same day, May 9, featuring capabilities such as creating job posts and listings, contacting candidates, managing worker requests and creating individualized learning

programs, among others.

The rise of ChatGPT and similar open tools put generative AI technology on the map, and served as a tool recruiters could use to craft job descriptions and candidate messages quickly. Such rote tasks are historically where automation shines — though AI in particular comes with its own risks, as the federal government has pointed out in recent commentary." Learn more


"The emergence of artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard has led to a rise in companies who say they expect to use new AI tools to conduct interviews and "speak with" job candidates in the near future according to fresh data.

A recent survey conducted by Resume Builder found only 10% of companies currently uses AI interviews for prospective workers, but 43% plan on utilizing the bots in their hiring practices by next year or are using them already. Of the four in ten companies that are using or plan to implement AI interviews, two-thirds said they believe the practice will improve hiring efficiency and more than half expect AI to eventually replace human hiring managers. But companies are not ready to hand the reins completely over the robots, yet. Some 80% said AI interviews are more likely to screen out qualified candidates, and only 15% said AI would be used to make decisions on candidates without any human input." Learn more

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