Executive Vice President of Operations

Washington, PA 15301, USA

Type of Job

Human Services

Published Date

Monday, December 7, 2020

About the job

Establishes credibility throughout the organization and with the Board as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.

Leads strategic, long-term planning, vision and goal-setting using the ability to “Look around corners” to anticipate future opportunities and problems. Initiates strategic and pre-emptive action.

Keeps the CEO informed about business activities, potential threats, opportunities, and recommended actions.

Navigates and utilizes internal systems for program documentation, data and evaluation of processes, through EHR implementation within all programming.

Creates a culture of mutual accountability through clear policy, procedure and documentation standards within every program.

Sets performance goals which are tailored to each department. Develops operational goals for each department which are aggressive and tied to long-term goals.

Fosters and maintains interactive, collaborative working relationships with all departments/units.

Implements and evaluates new services and experiences for customer/clients.

Professionally and positively represents the organization externally, including communications with to government agencies, funders, auditors, vendors, and clients.

Takes charge in high priority crises of an operational nature.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent at an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in special education, administration, social work, or the human service field. 

  • Minimum of 15 years of direct management experience in a program that provided services to adults or children with physical and/or developmental disabilities (such as; Adult Training Facility/Adult Day Care, Residential Program, Early Intervention, Attendant Care Program, etc.).

  • Experience in strategic and financial planning required.

  • Project management experience preferred.

  • Strong knowledge of industry best practices for development of quality standards within programming.

  • FBI Clearance (non-resident for 2 years)

  • PA Act 33 & 34 clearances

  • Valid drivers license.

Senior Recruiter

David Baker


Washington, PA 15301, USA