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HR Consulting

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Organizational Effectiveness & Assessments

As the organization evolves, it's important to periodically evaluate the efficiency of its structure and collaboration. Human Capital Advisors offers comprehensive third-party assessments and survey services to ensure that the right business processes are in place, the composition and competencies of your workforce are on target, communication is effective, and your customers are fulfilled.

In addition to organizational insights, Human Capital Advisors can offer practical strategies to build competitive advantages. These improvements to organizational dynamics are always valuable. However, they are essential during significant changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, growth, and restructuring.

Learn more about how Human Capital Advisors can help your organization with:

  • Business Process Evaluation

  • Competency Development

  • Practical strategies during mergers, acquisitions, growth or restructuring

  • Survey Services

  • Team Evaluation

  • Third Party Assessments

  • Training and Development

In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s employment and HR management practices, it is critical to take a look at certain processes and policies. At Human Capital Advisors we employ a comprehensive approach when it comes to assessing systems in place within your organization. Our thorough, structured evaluation includes issue identification, planning and prioritizing corrective measures, and then benchmarking best practices. Assessment and development can entail:

  • Recruitment, Selection & Hiring

  • Applications

  • Reference Checking & Responding

  • Immigration Issues

  • Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Employee Handbooks/Policies

  • Employee Relations

  • Discrimination Policies

  • Employee Retention

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Performance Management

  • Termination Process

  • Downsizing & Layoffs

  • Unemployment Insurance Management

  • Leaves of Absence (including FMLA)

  • Wage & Hour Issues

  • Records, Notices & Information Management

  • Benchmarking Employment Best Practices

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Retention Issues

Workforce Planning

The future workforce needs of an organization are more predictable than most people think. Human Capital Advisors can help organizations build workforce plans that reach talent acquisition goals, predict upcoming skill needs, and prepare for unforeseen talent departures.

  • Reach Talent Acquisition Goals

  • Predict Upcoming Skill Needs

  • Prepare for Unforeseen Talent Departures

Performance Management

Employees want to know where they stand in terms of their performance what performance goals they need to advance in their careers. It is in the best interest of employers to put in place performance management systems to offer relevant feedback to employees, coaching, counseling and career development guidance. Let Human Capital Advisors help you design and implement the following tools and programs:

  • Competency-based Performance & Career Progression Plans

  • Clearly Defined Position Descriptions & Competencies

  • Metrics/ Scorecard-based Performance Plans

  • 360-Degree Performance Feedback Process

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